Orthopaedic shoe shop implements corona-measures to serve clients

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It’s now more important than ever to keep moving. For people dependent on orthopaedic shoes, this is a problem. All orthopaedic shoe shops are closed. That’s why foot and movement centre, Buchrnhornen, devised a solution.

As a shoe salesman, there’s no way to maintain 1,5m distance from clients. Shoes have to be fitted, adjusted and appropriate advice has to be given. That leaves no other option than to close the shop: this was too drastic for Buchrnhornen. One of the main reasons to stay open was for clients that frequently visited the shop out of medical necessity.

Medical necessity

“Many people suffering from Diabetes visit the shop” says director Rob Buchrnhornen. “These people have great difficulty walking when they have a foot sore. The worst case scenario, it can lead to amputation. Or children with spasticity that use splints. If they outgrow them, they cannot wait until the corona-crisis is over without a splint. That’s when growth abnormalities occur.

Protective screens

These reasons prompted protective measures implemented to the shop in Woensel. Protective screens were allocated to typical client-facing areas of the shop. One is situated where the shoe is measured, two were placed at the pay points and another where the shoe is fitted.

Clients certainly appreciate the protective measures taken in the shop, a salesperson says. It does take some getting used to, having a screen in between. However, the most important is being corona-free and going for a walk in a new pair of shoes.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

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