Housing market just keeps going: “Only less viewers”

House sales Eindhoven
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The housing market in Eindhoven did not change much during the corona crisis. This is said by Pieter van Santvoort, who keeps track of the quarterly regional figures for the Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents.

“There is a large group of people who still want to buy a house, corona crisis or not. They are able to buy and banks continue to finance the houses. That hasn’t changed so far. The houses are still being sold well, the prices have not dropped”, Van Santvoort explains. What he does notice is that there are less viewers. “Now about 25 instead of 50 viewers come to see a house but the market remains the same. After all, demand is many times greater than supply. So the buyers have a higher chance to succeed now”.

This is the image Van Santvoort has over the past few weeks, although there are no underlying figures. His explanation of the continued interest in the housing market: “Many people see this as a temporary crisis. Of course, certain sectors are being hit hard, such as the hotel and catering industry and retail sector, but this doesn’t immediately apply to the housing market. The demand remains for the time being, because there are too few owner-occupied houses in Eindhoven. Things may change if the crisis continues for a long time”.

The daily work does look different for real estate agents. “We’ve established a protocol for this right away. All new calls are remote. And at the house viewings a maximum of two people can be present, without children. We let viewers walk around a bit more freely, and sellers are not allowed to be inside. Furthermore, the door handles in particular are always cleaned with a disinfectant”.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob


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