‘Bringing Formula E to Eindhoven looks promising’

Electric racing car
The Monster Mike Hoffman Tajima Electric Car displayed during 2013 PPIHC Fan Fest at Colorado Springs, USA. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

The signs look good for bringing Formula E to Eindhoven. Formula E is a motorsport championship that uses only electric cars.

Research by the Mulier Institute shows that organising this event, the biggest competition for electric racing cars in the city, looks ‘promising’. The study was commissioned by BrabantSport, which implements the provincial sports policy. The initiative for this research lies with Formula-Eindhoven.

The organisation sought support from the province, which then carried out a feasibility study. “We have seen there is enough enthusiasm and support to take further steps now,” says Paul Hover of the Mulier Institute.

A first

If the Formula E came to the city, it would be a first for the Netherlands. “It is a world-class event, with enormous international media support. There are 24 racers, and major roads will be closed. The track is usually lined with spectators”, explains Peter-Paul Laumans of Formula-Eindhoven.

Preparing the course will take a lot of work as the organisation wants the race to cut right through the city centre. Laumans says, “Formula E is originally a street race. There is no noise or exhaust fumes either. I would like the race to go past iconic buildings in Eindhoven – the Philips Stadium, Witte Dame, and Klokgebouw”.

Eindhoven Councillor, Stijn Steenbakkers is not against the idea. He does, however, think there are challenges to making this happen. “It will have to meet all sorts of requirements, especially regarding safety.” According to the Mulier Institute, there are still several hurdles for the organisers.

A lot of planning

“A lot of roads have to be closed off. That will severely affect traffic. Plants and trees are also sometimes removed for extra road space. In Miami and London, this was highly criticised. We should also not have unrealistic expectations. We would like to see such an event stimulate people to switch to electric driving. But that does not easily happen.”

If it is up to Laumans, the race will be held in Eindhoven for three years in a row. The first racing season would then be 2021-2022. Formula-Eindhoven still has until March next year to come up with a detailed plan. A decision will be made in mid-2021 as to which cities will host these electric races in 2021 and 2022.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven

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