You may have to pay more for beer at Carnaval

Carnival Eindhoven 2020
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Are you going to a pub in the five days during Carnaval? Then make sure to take enough money. This year in many places in Eindhoven you will pay no less than €3 for a beer.

Within the hospitality industry, the ‘magic boundary’ for a beer is €3. The fact that several pubs and other food and drink establishments have now reached that limit has caused a wide range of reactions. “If my beer supplier raises his prices, I have no choice but to raise my own beer price as well”, Arjan Bouter, organiser of the Bavaria Bier Hal on Stadhuisplein, says.

In addition to the increased beer price from the supplier, €3 is a fair price for more reasons, according to Bouter: “Entrance is free, there is a DJ, and the toilet has to be paid for. And then it all has to look a bit nice. So it is logical that a fair price is asked for the beer, among other things”.

Not all will charge more

Cafe Altstadt on Stratumseind uses the beer price that they usually also use. This increased to €2.70 in January. “We have been waiting a very long time to raise our prices, but at a certain point we could not do otherwise”, Daphyd Sens, manager of Altstadt, says. “Three euros is too much money for me. I would only ask that if there was really no other way”. According to Sens, the average national price for beer is also around €2.70.

The question now is whether visitors are willing to pay €3. According to Bouter, the general ban on glass and cans during Carnival does not help either. “Beer from a plastic cup looks significantly less chic than it does in a glass”. Still, both business owners are not worried. “People will buy beer anyway, whether it costs a lot or a little”, Bouter says.

Source: Studio040

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