Weekendtips from Yvette

This weekend in Eindhoven…. Yvette’s tips.

It’s the Carnival weekend in Eindhoven but where do you need to go? A great weekend to be in Eindhoven as there is a lot to do! My tips and some extra as it is a longggg weekend:

Friday: Carnaval international

Check here for more event details.

Saturday: Parade

Check here for more event details.

Sunday: Confettival

Check here for more event details.

Monday: Strijps Kreiefeest

Check here for more event details.

Tuesday: Farmers wedding

Check here for more event details.

About Yvette:
“I’m the manager of the biggest expat Facebook group in Eindhoven – Expats in Eindhoven. A group dedicated to help expats have a great time in Eindhoven, get to meet new people and answer their questions. Further I work as graphic designer for my own company STUDIO YDID. In my free time I like to go running, race cycling, go out with friends and family or listen to the band Queen. If you want to know more – feel free to mail me at info@studio-ydid.nl.”
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