KNCB to meet Noord Brabant cricket clubs

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Photo credit: Wanderers Cricket Club OSS

The cricket association of Netherlands (KNCB) recently announced a series of meetings. These will be held with cricket clubs across the country.

The regional meeting with four major cricket associations in Noord Brabant will take place at the MOP Cricket Club in Vught on 25 March. The initiative is part of “strategy 2019-2023”. This strategy was laid out by the KNCB. Its purpose is to exchange ideas with member clubs in Noord Brabant and increase the popularity of the sport.

Strategy 2019-2023

The 2019-2023 strategy is a five-year plan initiated to strengthen the growth of cricket in the country. A major goal of the plan is to increase participation in the sport. To ensure this, youth development programmes like Cricket4Kids are being conducted in association with schools and municipalities. In addition, providing more support to be able to retain women cricketers is outlined as an action. To make the sport more sustainable, the national association plans to support regional clubs in various areas such as coaching, advice and workshops.

Reaction from cricket clubs in Noord Brabant

Wanderers cricket club in Oss has confirmed their participation They will be attending the regional meeting with most of their board. According to their chairman, Ernst-Jan Sjamaar, “If the Wanderers want to be a part of the cricket community in the Netherlands, it is important to attend these meetings. The goal is to address the problems smaller clubs are struggling with – members, publicity, financial, coaches, grounds, councils, etc.”

MOP Cricket Club, who will host this meeting will be an obvious presence. From Eindhoven, the High tech Campus Eindhoven Cricket Association have confirmed plans to be present at the event. Eindhoven Cricket Club, originally part of Philips Sports Club, could not be reached for comment.

For Eindhoven News: Siddharth Chunduri

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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