Carnaval parade cancelled

Carnaval Parade, Carnival
Carnival parade, source: Studio040

The parade planned for Saturday in Lampegat (Eindhoven) has been cancelled. This was the decision made by the Eindhoven Carnaval Federation (FEC) after discussions with emergency services, the City Council and other parties involved.

The parade has been cancelled due to the poor weather conditions predicted for this weekend. The main culprit being strong winds.

The organisation made the decision to prevent accidents.”There is a big chance Carnaval trucks might be blown over by the strong winds,” comments an FEC spokesperson.

“Based on the current [weather] forecast, this is the only correct choice. To delay the decision would not serve the parade participants’ interests.” It is currently unknown if the parade will proceed on a different date.

The weather

On Saturday, strong winds with average speeds of between 29 and 49 km/h are expected. The winds could reach a speed of up to 75 km/h. This is cause for alarm regarding the planned Carnaval parade. Strong winds are also predicted on Sunday.

Mayor Jorritsma supports the Federation’s decision, saying “It is a brave decision on the part of the FEC and emergency services. I fully support it; safety comes first.” He also expressed empathy for the disappointment of volunteers and others involved.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Ame Harris

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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