Set your alarm to see shooting stars tomorrow

shooting star
Photo credit: Pexels

There will be an abundance of shooting stars over Brabant early tomorrow morning. They will be particularly visible in west and south Brabant.

According to Reinout van den Born, a meteorologist from the weather channel,, the shooting stars will be visible to the naked eye. This is because the sky will be left clear after today’s rain. ‘There is some cloudiness, but in general it will be easy to follow the shooting stars,’ he says.

65 shooting stars per hour

At 2:00 o’clock on Saturday morning, about 14 shooting stars can be seen per hour. At 4:00 o’clock it will be around 30 per hour. The busiest period will be from 6:00 until 8:00 o’clock, where 65 shooting stars can be seen per hour.

Van den Born says that this phenomenon is not unique. ‘Shooting stars are common,’ he says. They occur when ‘a comet leaves a trail of dust, and then those dust particles penetrate the atmosphere. Sometimes there are so many that you can see one per second.’


Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Rachael Vickerman

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