Happy New year resolutions

Photo credit: Pablo Heimplatz (Unsplash)
The leftover food tackled, Christmas decorations tucked away, best china back in the cabinets, now it’s time for back to business. A time to reflect and plan how to execute our new year resolutions. The new year brings with it a sense of opportunity, the chance for a fresh start, and of course, plenty of resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions can be exciting, challenging and even somewhat scary. But no matter what yours are, the ultimate challenge is finding a way to keep them past January 31st. Detoxing, quitting cigarettes, drinking less alcohol, fitness or volunteering are some of the common New Year’s resolutions people commit to.

Whether it’s one of these resolutions or something else, it’s likely that in your past you have made a New Year’s resolution and not seen it through. When you think about it, the New Year’s goals people set themselves involve a significant and ongoing commitment.  No wonder a very small number of people achieve their New Year’s goals.

Here are a few tips to keeping your willpower at your beck and call;

Quality vs Quantity:- Focus on a few important ones rather than have a page long list so many that you need to jot it down. Even consider a start date Jan 3 because the celebration would not interfere with your mission.

“How” is as important as the “what”:- For example, you want to reduce 10 kgs of body weight. It’s easy to say 2 kgs a month but that’s not a plan. It’s desire…folks! The plan would be for eg, cutting down on added sugars- week 1. Zero added sugars-week 2 etc. The key is to make micro resolutions. There are many apps that can help you achieve this planning. Just Google! Or go the old fashioned and time tested way….yes, write!

Nurture your micro resolutions, don’t rush or force them. Take it easy. Resist your impulse to add more micro upgrades when your going is good.

Celebrate the success of your micro resolutions with those around you e.g. your workplace. Remember, some say it takes at least 48 days for a habit to form.

Eindhoven News wishes you a happy new year and best wishes for success on your resolutions.

Picture courtesy: Pablo Heimplatz through Unsplash

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj



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