Speculation over new mayor of The Hague: could John Jorritsma be a candidate?

John Jorritsma, the current mayor of Eindhoven, is rumoured to be one of the candidates in the running to be the new mayor of The Hague.   

Johan Remkes is the current acting mayor of The Hague. He took over from Pauline Krikke, who resigned from her position after the Dutch Safety Board released a damning report about a New Year’s Eve bonfire that got out of hand in Scheveningen in 2018.

However, Jorritsma himself is keeping quiet. ‘I never make public statements about my personal ambitions,’ he says.

He continues, ‘when I came to Eindhoven, it was a complete surprise for everyone. We live in a country full of opinions. So, let the speculations begin.’

Jorritsma told news channel Omroep Brabant that a profile in which the necessary qualifications to be major of The Hague has not yet been released.

Wim van de Donk

King’s Commissioner, Wim van de Donk, is also rumoured to be a candidate.

Other names in circulation are former politicians Edith Schippers and Alexander Pechtold.


Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Rachael Vickerman

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