Expect Christmas holidays to be stormy and cloudy, but also sunny and mild

Winter scene at Aanchotse Beemde. Image source: Nicole Cullinan

Stormy evening rush hours, walking with clear sunny skies and yet a soaking wet drizzle. These Christmas holidays will not break any weather records, but we should prepare for volatile conditions.

People who will be using the roads to go home in the evening rush hour on Tuesday could find themselves in storm conditions. Commuters are warned to expect very strong gusts of wind. In the southwest of the Netherlands these could be as strong as 75 kilometres per hour (wind force nine on the Beaufort scale), explains Wouter van Bernebeek from Weer.nl.

Sunny Christmas Day
There will be almost windless conditions on Christmas Day, Van Bernebeek predicts. The wind speed will drop to only two or three on the wind force scale. It will be dry all day and the temperature can rise to 7 degrees centigrade. There will be scattered showers and with a bit of luck, the sun will come out in the afternoon. A walk on Wednesday with your Christmas party guests is certainly an option.

It will be clear on the night of Christmas Day and Boxing Day. The temperature is then expected to drop to 0 degrees centigrade, so there may be some freezing in parts. It will, therefore, be slippery in some places on Thursday morning. Another warning from Van Bernebeek is to the early birds to be careful crossing slippery bridges.

Cloudy Boxing Day
The public can count on a huge contrast in conditions between these two Christmas holidays. Boxing Day should become cloudy. It will probably rain all day with the type of drizzle, that makes you completely soaked through. The temperature may rise slightly, so the day should stay mild.

No records will be broken this year with certainly no metres of white snow. You won’t have to take your swimming trunks out of the closet either. According to Van Bernebeek, things will get a little warmer in the run-up to the new year.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated and edited by Nicole Cullinan

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