National Museum week to start soon

The fifth National Museum Week takes place this year from Monday, 8 April to Sunday, 14 April. 

During this week, more than 400 museums throughout the Netherlands will showcase their ‘golden’ treasures. Hence the week’s theme – Ons échte goud (Our real gold). “With this fifth National Museum Week we want the whole of the Netherlands to be proud of the museum treasures in their area,” says Mirjam Moll, the Museum Association’s Acting Director says on the National Museum Week website.

“Museum objects that amaze, surprise or move you. This year, too, we are making these accessible and visible to everyone. Museums also invite new visitors who do generally go to museums to come and take a look.”

Eindhoven and surrounds

In Eindhoven, the DAF Museum, Philips Museum, PreHistoric Village, and the Van Abbe Museum will all take part. Each museum has its own showpiece. For example, as pictured, at the Philips Museum, it is the Kapelletje (Little Chapel). This radio, from 1931, with its waves and stars adorning the speaker opening, is an early example of pioneering Philips design. It was designed by Louis Kalff.

This radio distinguishes itself from its angular contemporaries by its rounded forms and the prominent place of the Philips logo. The appealing designs and the good signal reception made Philips the market leader in the early 1930s, with more than a million radios sold.

There will also be activities for old and young. For example, on Wednesday afternoon children between the ages of 8 and 12 can learn to an old craft at the Prehistoric Village. There are also several museums in nearby villages and suburbs, such as Valkenswaard and Veldhoven, that are taking part in this national campaign.

For more information, please visit the National Museum Week website.

Source: National Museum Week

Translator: Melinda



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