‘Airport should not grow’

Photo credit: Eindhoven Airport/Studio040

The number of flights to and from Eindhoven Airport should not increase beyond the 41,500 they will reach this year.

This is part of the recommendation Pieter van Geel handed over to Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, The Dutch Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. Van Geel is the independent chairperson of the Eindhoven Airport Pilot Project. The recommendation aims to reduce noise pollution by 30% between 2020 and 2030.

Van Geel wants this number of flights to remain the same until 2022. It has also been recommended not to have any flights scheduled later than 23:00. This will have a direct impact on noise in the area. This pilot project is looking at ways in which the airport can be quieter and cleaner. Van Geel also encouraged residents in the area to become more involved in the airport’s development.

Standards too high

However, Joost Meijs, Eindhoven Airport’s General Manager, says Van Geel’s recommendation have set the bar too high for 2030. “Airlines need development prospects if they are going to deploy their new aircraft to Eindhoven,” he says.

“With the proposed strict standards (for noise reduction), we run the risk of being last in line. The will make the fleet renewals we all want more difficult.” These renewals are needed to combat CO2 emissions. “These standards leave too little room to move, in practice, for development and to meet the needs of the Brainport region.”

There is also a lack of guidance for the 2022 – 2030 period in the recommendation, says Meijs.”This means the parties involved will have to have renewed discussions. More concrete frameworks must be established quickly,” Meijs says.

“These must be used for effective decision-making by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. The area and airport should get the clarity they need as quickly as possible,” The GM concludes.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda Walraven



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