Help save the Muziekgebouw

English band Marillion coming to Muziekgebouw

In less than two weeks, the fate of the Muziekgebouw in Eindhoven will be decided.

This venue has been in dire financial straits for years. The Council has given them a deadline of 1 April to get their affairs in order. An appeal was made in a local Dutch newspaper to save the Muziekgebouw. And you can help.

Muziekgebouw employees are inviting everyone to come to the Stadshuisplein in Eindhoven tomorrow (Friday) at 16:00 Bring your instrument and, together with artists such as Lady Aida, and others, let your musical voice be heard.

There is also an online petition that has been set up. “The Muziekgebouw is a wonderful place where employees, music lovers, and musicians like to come,” it reads. “The Muziekgebouw is a platform for music lovers of all genres. It plays an inspirational and connecting role in the region.”

You can sign the petition here and help save this iconic venue.

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