Bioplastic and food from one plant?

Local designer, Marco Cagnoni has found a way to make food and bioplastic from the same plant.
He approached a local Italian restaurant, Cucina-Italiana. Together, they wanted to find new ways of reusing the waste left over from the production of bioplastic from the Salisfy root vegetable. The result?

A tasty flour the chefs at this Italian restaurant, located in Vershal het Veem, Strijp S, used to create pasta and piadina. Piadina is a thin Italian flatbread; a typical regional food from Emilia-Romagna.

These products were showcased during the Frame Awards event in Amsterdam. The Frame Awards cover the entire spectrum of interiors. On 20 February, the world’s best interiors and designers were honoured at this award show.

Circular food system

Here, the world-renown Italian architect, art director, and designer, Piero Lissoni, tasted Cucina-Italiana’s piadina. “We chose this food because of its similarity to how we prepare Salsify. The next step is to add the pesto sauce made with the greens (leaves) of the plant in order to have no waste and make a circular food system,” says Cucina-Italiana’s Ailén Gamberoni.

The restaurant makes its pesto with the leaves of basil, grown in the ‘Duurzame Kost‘s urban farm based in the same building as Cucina-Italiana. “There we grow 30 different plants with the seeds that come from Italy,” says Ailén.

“Why waste food on just bioplastic when you can make bioplastic and food from one plant?” adds Plastic Culture’s, Marco Cagnoni.

Cucina-Italiana is also one of several restaurants in Eindhoven who are part of the Zero Waste Nederland’s campaign. This means you are welcome to bring your own packaging when buying their products.

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