Jail time for local pawnbroker

Photo credit: Studio040/Rechtspraaknl

A 48-year-old pawnbroker from Mierlo has received a two-year prison sentence and has been banned from his profession for five years. This punishment was decided by the East Brabant court.

The man was convicted yesterday for, among other things, selling stolen goods, improper administration, and cocaine trading.

His wife and daughter were also convicted for their involvement. The pawnshop in Eindhoven, where the man and his daughter worked, owned several items that the man should have suspected had come into his possession illegally. He was also involved in the fraudulent purchase of the house in Mierlo that he shared with his wife and daughter.

The wife received a three-month suspended sentence and 135 hours of community service. The daughter was sentenced to two months in prison and 216 hours of community service. She was given a lighter prison sentence than her mother in light of her personal situation. She is a single mother with psychological problems and three children.

Further, a fine of EUR37,000 was imposed on the pawnshop.

Source: studio040.nl

Translator: Rachael

Editor: Melinda

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