Happy Birthday Mrs. van Tuijn!

Photo credit: Studio040/Sammie Leermakers

Sunday, Mrs. van Tuijn-Smulders received visitors. She had something special to celebrate: her 105th birthday!

Among those who visited to congratulate her, was mayor Jorritsma. Marietje van Tuijn-Smulders ensured coffee and a piece of birthday cake were ready for Eindhoven’s mayor.

Mrs. van Tuijn grew up in a large family and now has great-grandchildren. She lives in a care centre along the Bredalaan in Eindhoven. The centenarian is Eindhoven’s eldest inhabitant.

Over four years ago, Mrs. Maria Dietz died. She lived in a nursing home in Stratum. When she died, Mrs. Dietz was 108 years old.

Eindhoven must be a very healthy place for people to live to such a grand old age. Is it the air? Or is the countryside around Eindhoven very healthy? Maybe it is Eindhoven’s inhabitants? Or might it be the well-known Brabantse gezelligheid?

Regardless: Happy Birthday Mrs. van Tuijn!

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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