International Dog Show at Eindhoven Beursgebouw

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Inside Eindhoven’s Beursgebouw, the 42nd International Dog Show took place. A three-day-long Royal Canine event, which closed Sunday afternoon.

Dog-lovers could admire all kinds, all sizes, nearly all breeds. During this three-day-event, over 2,000 dogs of various breeds were presented. The shows started at 9:30 am each day. Visitors were welcome between 8:00 till 17:00.

International event

Owners and their dogs came from various countries. Dogs were judged by a small group of international judges from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark and Georgia.

Fourteen rings were used, in which judges observed dogs with concentration. For dogs of each breed had to be judged according to standards which differ per breed. “The intention is for a dog to come as close as possible to ‘how the dog is meant to be'”, stated one of the judges.

Saturday and Sunday also saw the special ‘Junior handling. Children between 12 to 17 years old, showed their own dogs as best as possible.

Dangerous dog? Dangerous owner!

At the Beursgebouw, visitors were able to admire fluffy and cute, as well as imposing. Tiny, big, thin, sturdy, curly, short or long hair breeds were present. Occasionally, a dog barked, but most seemed to be used to being admired among so many other canine friends.

A Belgian owner and his Dobermann waited patiently. The breed is known to be rather aggressive. “Depends on the owner: an aggressive one turns a dog aggressive. Does mine look aggressive to you?”, the dog’s owner asked rhetorically. No, his dog waited patiently, throughout the interview. Even when it was over, the dog simply did not budge – a secret couch potato?

These are our kids

After a morning of dog watching at the Beursgebouw, one thing is clear: every owner treats his dog with a lot of love. “Because these are our children”, explained a couple. They breed Bernese Mountain Dogs and were accompanied by a mum and her puppy. The two play happily, until ensnared in a microphone cable.

Animal welfare and Crufts

At the back of the Beursgebouw, dogs were prepared for the ring. They were groomed, combed, brushed and some are even treated with hairspray! Standard, miniature or toy: poodles ready to be presented to judges do look impressive.

Fortunately, these days, the cutting of ears and docking of tails is banned. Other practices are frowned up-on. A team focussing on the well-being of the dogs was present throughout this show.

Dutch vets are among the many, who continue to warn about health problems in certain dog breeds. This ensures more attention is paid to pain and suffering, caused by extreme breeding.

With the show over, it will be interesting to see, if any of the winners of the 42nd International Eindhoven Dog Show 2019, will take part in “The World’s Greatest Dog Show”: Crufts! This year, Crufts takes place from 7th till 10th of March 2019. BBC television will undoubtedly dedicate time to this international event.

Interested in owning a dog? Read up carefully on suitable breeds, before buying one from a reputed breeder. Even better: visit Eindhoven’s Asiel “de Doornakker” and see if you can help one of its hundreds of dogs and cats, or other animals, to find a happy new place at your home. After all: a mongrel’s love is as big as an expensive breed’s one!

Asiel Eindhoven: De Doornakker (website in Dutch)

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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