Two Eindhoven projects nominated for Appeltje van Oranje

Two Eindhoven projects are competing with similar Dutch ones. All hope to win one of three 2019 “Appeltje van Oranje” charity awards.


One of the two Eindhoven projects is “Awesome”. This is a clothes exchange studio. The other project is “Stichting Jongerenhuis Eindhoven”.

People who have to make ends meet on a tight budget can visit “Awesome” for clothes. Clothes are donated to this studio, which are then sold at minimal prices.

Stichting Jongerenhuis

The other project is Eindhoven foundation “Stichting Jongerenhuis”. It ensures students and refugees live together. Young refugees are also helped with taking charge of their lives.

Forty special projects

This year, over forty special projects were nominated for the “Appeltje van Oranje” awards. The awards are granted to projects which aim to connect different groups. Projects should also ensure people who have become marginalized, participate in Dutch society again.

Your votes please!

Members of the public can vote on-line from today, Monday 7th till 16th of January 2019. Each year, the theme differs. All winners receive a bronze sculpture designed by former Queen, now princess Beatrix.

The awards will be handed out by Queen Maxima in May 2019. The winning projects will receive sums of € 15,000 each.

To caste your vote: Appeltje van Oranje – vote for your favourite project (button: stem hier op uw favoriete project!)

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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