Political party Ouderen Appèl displeased

Eindhoven’s political party “Ouderen Appèl” is displeased. The party, mainly representing elderly voters in Eindhoven, grumbles the city’s council has shown no interest whatsoever, after a recent crime.

During a robbery, explosives were used to try blow open an ATM machine. In Dutch this is called a “plofkraak”. Such crimes not only frighten. They cause enormous damage to buildings. In several similar incidents throughout the country, buildings had to be evacuated.

The Eindhoven plofkraak happened at the Biarritzplein, on New Year’s Day. Criminals blew up the cash-machine at the square. The explosion caused enormous damage to shops, cars and houses in the vicinity.

Local opposition party “Ouderen Appèl” claims the neighbourhood escaped a disaster.  “Ouderen Appèl” spoke with entrepreneurs, as well as residents. So far, no alderman nor Eindhoven’s mayor showed any interest.

The party wonders why the mayor or a substitute did not visit Biarritzplein. Such a visit would have shown support. It would also have provided a chance to see the damage done. The political party thinks the city council should send someone and engage in a dialogue with victims.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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