Municipality designates Limbeek “action area”

Photo credit: Studio040

Eindhoven’s municipality designated Limbeek-Zuid and Limbeek-Noord “action areas”. The quality of life in these neighbourhoods has deteriorated considerably.

The municipality stated, the decline was brought to its attention using “buurt thermometers”. These are report on neighbourhoods in Eindhoven. Research shows Limbeek scores worst among all Eindhoven neighbourhoods.

Limbeek not alone

Limbeek is not the only “action area”. Eindhoven numbers eighteen such areas. The other areas were already on a list. They are monitored and improved till 2020. Limbeek will now be added to this list per January 2019.

“Action areas” score high in unemployment, with many residents having problems to make ends meet. The quality of life also leaves much to be desired.

Last year, the municipality decided to allocate € 1.2 million to help improve such neighbourhoods. This is done in consultation and cooperation with, among others, the police, housing corporations, and residents.

Next year, all areas listed will be re-examined. The list will likely be adjusted on a yearly basis from 2020 onwards.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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