Game in the inner city brings a smile to the face

Photo credit: Studio040

“The Floor is Lava! Whoever touches red is out,” is painted on the ground with large letters in the middle of the Demer (shopping street) in Eindhoven.

Many passers-by laugh at the sight of the texts, but then continue on. However, a few children, teenagers, and even elderly people try to walk only on the white spots. It brings a smile to the spectators’ face, and that is exactly what it was made for.

Mariëlle van Aart-Coppes is the initiator of the game in the busy shopping street. With her company, Magical Daydream, she creates creative projects that are meant to make people laugh. “The city is very gray and everyone is in a hurry. With Magical Daydream, I try to let people enjoy it through various projects, even if it’s just for a while.”

And that works. Children do a contest who is first across the street, which makes an older man and woman laugh on a bench. Dad and mom also make an attempt, and that makes the children happy again. Meanwhile, Mariëlle is taking pictures. “You see, it works!”

Source: Studio040

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