D66 Waalre thinks Board is evading Waste Bike debate

Photo credit: Studio040

In the run-up to the debate on the Waste Bike in Waalre, the D66 political party has accused the Council Board of deliberately minimising publicity for the debate.

According to this opposition party, the Municipal Board is doing everything in its power to ensure the debate does not become externally known. It would not have been announced on the agenda or the Municipality’s website. D66 asked for the interpellation debate itself. It is to take place on Tuesday evening.

Not required to publish

The debate will first have to be adopted by at least four of the 17 Council members. Until such time, the Municipality of Waalre is not required to publish the documents online. In fact, until such time, the debate request remains an internal document, only available to Council members and administrators.

The debate is about ending the Waste Bike pilot project. A bicycle has been riding around in the Voldijn neighbourhood in Aalst for two years. It collects separated rubbish twice a week. Local residents are very satisfied with the bike.

However, the City Council wants to stop the pilot. This was agreed in the coalition agreement. “It is a trial and we adopt the results from this in the search for a new way of collecting in entire Waalre Municipality”, the Councillor responsible for this, Arno Uijlenhoet, explains.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

Edited by: Melinda

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