Local political parties want debate on Eindhoven Airport

Some of Eindhoven’s politicians want to debate the growth of Eindhoven Airport. They want to organize the debate pretty soon.

The intention of the political parties becomes clear through questions from D66, PvdA, GroenLinks, DENK and SP. The parties want to know precisely, what powers the municipal council has, when it comes to the “Eindhoven Airport dossier”. They also want to know when local parties can finally have a say.

Recently, former politician Pieter van Geel was appointed “verkenner“; a special kind of interviewer-researcher. He will present all points of view of the parties involved.

Jointly supported advice

The aim is, to ultimately come up with a widely supported advice by the region, on the growth of the airport. This advice should be supported by as many parties as possible.

Such parties include environmental organizations and some of the local residents, who are against any expansion of the airport or increase in air-traffic. The parties also include the airport itself, which of course would like to expand. Regional municipalities are of course also involved.

Before 2020, a ministerial decision on the maximum growth of Eindhoven Airport until 2030 must be made. The limit is now set at 43,000 flights per year.

Several possible scenarios have been proposed. These range from maintaining the current limit, to an increase to 100,000 flights per year.

The advice from the region is expected to greatly influence the ministerial decision.

Source: Studio 040


Translator: Kate

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