Nuenen specialist bicycle-shop visited by criminals

Over € 100,000 worth of damages, all caused by a well-organized crime. This happened to a specialist bicycle-shop at Nuenen.

Last week, a gang paid a visit to Cycle Trend in Nuenen. The gang of thieves made off with thirty-three very expensive custom-build bicycles.

Owner Ralf van Heugten told Studio 040, this is a blow difficult to recover from. Some of the bikes of the Specialized brand cost over € 10,000 a piece.

Surveillance images show three men quickly making off with the bicycles. According to van Heugten, the criminals sabotaged a security system on a side-door. It took the gang less than four minutes to empty his shop.

Van Heugden is shocked by this crime. He has owned his shop for ten years, but has never experienced such a crime.

He is happy with the support his customers offer, though. Suppliers also kindly help him replenish stock as quickly as possible. “It’s business as usual,” states van Heugden.

Source: Studio 040


Translator: Kate

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