Unsafe swimming water warning issued

When the weather is this hot, there is nothing better than jumping into cold water, especially in a natural setting.

However, as the unusually hot weather continues, the quality of natural swimming water in the Netherlands is declining. Zwemwater.nl has issued numerous warning regarding safe swimming areas all over the country, including North Brabant.

In Eindhoven, itself, orange warnings have been issued for De Ijzeren Man and De Ijzerman Klein. You can swim here, but you need to use your own judgment to assess whether there is a risk to your health, for example, in the case of blue-green algae blooms.

Recently, there has been an increasing number of reports of this kind of algae and other problems with water. With temperatures set to hit the low 30s next week, and no rain in sight, these problems are only going to increase. Natural pools, such as De Ijzeren Man, that have been issued with an orange warning should have a board, explaining why the warning has been given.

According to Zwemwater.nl, “Young children and the elderly, who are the most vulnerable, are better off choosing a different swimming spot.”

There are several other swimming spots in the province that have been issued with orange warnings. There are even two locations where people have been advised not to swim at all. People have been warned against swimming at De Binnenschelde in Bergen on Zoom and Ottermeerhoeve Strand in Wouwse Plantage. There is a great chance of gastrointestinal complaints if you do. Both these natural pools are within an hour and a half’s drive from Eindhoven.

Pools in sport or swimming complexes are, of course, still safe to swim in. Aquabest also still has the green light.

Please visit Zwemwater.nl for advice on finding safe swimming spots.

Written by Melinda Walraven

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