Calling all kids who love getting dirty!

Love mucking about? Love getting dirty? This is your chance!
Put on old clothes and head for Dierenrijk at Nuenen, this weekend.

At the Family Zoo in Nuenen, you can get your hands dirty by:

  • stacking the largest, biggest, enormous heap of elephant poo;
  • throw toilet brushes as far as you can;
  • take part in similar challenges.

All you need to do? Get your truly, really, absolutely oldest outfit ready. Then convince your parents you simply must visit Dierenrijk at Nuenen this weekend.

Information for adults

From 13 till 15 July, children can have fun participating in “dirty” activities at Dierenrijk. Children will also learn more about various animals, like which poo belongs to which animal. Or learn everything there is to know about digestive systems.

Dierenrijk advises parents, grand-parents and accompanying adults to make sure children put on old clothes.

A “children’s laundry” will be provided. Here children can be turned presentable again, before entering family cars to be driven home.

The “Viespeukdagen” take place this weekend at Dierenrijk Nuenen, from 13-15 July. Dierenrijk is situated along the Baroniehei, Nuenen.

Dierenrijk website including contact info

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate


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