Eindhoven startup develops new device

Eindhoven startup Onera has developed a user-friendly tool to help diagnose sleeping disorders.

Onera is located in Eindhoven’s Klokgebouw. It is a spin-off of Imec Netherlands and Holst Centre. According to its website, Onera’s “ambition is to bring innovative medical devices to the market, that will help improve the health and quality of life of patients around the world.”

The new equipment was realized thanks to an investment by imec.xpand and BOM. The money helped develop a patient-friendly, cost-saving device.

This device can be used at home. It is just as accurate as devices in sleep clinics. The tool is very comfortable to use, yet very accurate in terms of data analysis.

Onera expects its new equipment to bring about a major change in sleep disorder diagnosis, as well as in treatments.

Source: Studio 040; Onera

Translator: Kate

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