Bus drivers strike postponed to Wednesday

Bus Drivers Strike postponed to Wednesday 27 June.

Eindhoven News has already cautioned readers about bus drivers on strike. https://eindhovennews.com/news/2018/06/bus-drivers-on-strike-indefinitely-starting-monday/

However, the negotiations are on the table and the bus drivers union has given the employers two more days to resolve the issue. A strike is unavoidable if a deal is not reached by Tuesday evening.

Bus drivers plea

Eindhoven News contacted the FNV union for first-hand information.  The demands from drivers are a decrease in workload and time pressure and an increase in wage (3.5%). The drivers claim that they do not even have time for a comfort break. The drivers work under stressful conditions remarks Ron Sinnige the spokesperson for FNV. A red light inside the bus indicates and cautions a lag of 1 or 2 mins.  Paula Verhoef, first negotiator FNV  asserts ”Thanks to the strong strike pressure, employers are now moving”.

Impact of strike

About 90 to 100% of the drivers are expected to participate in the strike. So bus companies are unable to commit if any route would be given priority to maintaining service. When questioned about school rides such as 608 the bus company did not have answers yet. The impact of the strike could be numbing nonetheless let’s hope the negotiation succeeds.

For Eindhoven News: Beena Arunraj

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