Woensel: new neighbourhood without gas connections

A sustainable new neighbourhood at Woensel, Eindhoven, will be built without gas connections to the national network.

The former location of the Summa College at the Van Vorststraat in Woensel, will be turned into a new residential neighbourhood. Here 157 owner-occupied and rental homes will be realized. The houses will not just be sustainable, but also lack connections to the Dutch gas network.

The new plan ‘De Vijf van Vorst‘ is an energy-efficient project of CRA Vastgoed and Wilma Wonen. According to Stefan Swinkels, general manager of CRA Vastgoed, the gas-free residential area fits in with Eindhoven’s ambition to gradually move towards green neighbourhoods.

This move towards sustainable and green neighbourhoods reflects the council’s coalition agreement. Sales will start before this summer. The demolition and construction work will start at the end of 2018.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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