Ramadan more difficult because heat and long days

Ramadan more difficult because heat and long days

The mercury has hardly dropped below twenty degrees since the beginning of Ramadan.

That makes it difficult for Muslims who participate in fasting. It is an extra challenge for those who are not allowed to eat and drink since sunrise (Tuesday at 5.27 am) until sunset (9.40 pm).

For Leyla Gumus, cashier at supermarket Öztürk in Stratum, it is no different than normal. ‘It is not necessarily the hunger that you are bothered by, but more the thirst when you are fully outside in the heat. But if you don’t do certain things, such as not going out and not exercising, then it is not that bad. ” Her colleague Furkan describes it as a switch in your head. You have to turn that, so you can manage it. Their boss Murat also has no problem with it. He has participated the Ramadan since he was eleven and is not used to anything else.

To get through the day it is good to be distracted and stay busy, according to Leyla. “If you’re at home all day, it’s a bit more difficult. Then you are not doing anything. The only thing you can do at home is to wait until it’s dinner time. ”

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Even though people generally take into account people who fast during Ramadan, according to Leyla there is little understanding. ‘A lot of people do not know exactly what it means or why we do this. Some people think it is very unhealthy while 30 days of fasting is very good for your body. You can actually compare it to a kind of detoxification treatment. ‘ Furkan joins in. ‘There is a negative image about it, because we do not eat or drink all day. And that is actually wrong because it also cleans your body.

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