Seventy birds found and three men arrested for illegal bird trade

Three men from Helmond and Eindhoven were arrested Tuesday morning for the trade in endangered birds.

The men are 39, 58 and 76 years old. At their home addresses, the police found a total of seventy birds. These include probably wild-born crested tits, nuthatches, pied flycatchers and thrushes.

The man of 58 was arrested in his home in Eindhoven. He would have caught, together with the other two men, mainly endangered songbirds in the wild. Then the animals were offered for sale.

The birds have been confiscated for further investigation. One of the things that is looked at is if there is something wrong with the leg-rings. Those could be the rings of others, so that the bird-catchers remain clear of the authorities.

Source: Studio040

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