No large TV screens for championship match PSV

No large TV screens for championship match PSV

There will be no large screens in the city on which PSV – Ajax will be broadcasted on Sunday.

As is evident by a message from the city council. If there are screens placed, there will be too many supporters in the center of Eindhoven. As a result, additional measures should be taken to prevent ‘overcrowding’, according to the municipality. Moreover, if PSV loses, then disappointment can lead to irregularities.

The city council also writes that the placement of large screens also entails costs. Costs that are not socially responsible at this time.

PSV can win a special championship on Sunday against the direct competitor Ajax. The Eindhoven team must win. If PSV wins, the ceremony will be held a day later, on Monday.

In 2008, large screens were placed in the Eindhoven city center for the last time for a PSV championship match. Also during the World Cup of 2010, large screens were placed at the 18 Septemberplein and on De Markt.

Source: Studio040

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