Stratumseind gets new gay bar: De Regenboog (The Rainbow) opens in April

Gaybar De Regenboog opens 6 April on Stratumseind in Eindhoven.

It is the second De Regenboog establishment of entrepreneurs Patrick Nijenhuis and Thijmen van Pruissen. The other is located in Rotterdam.

Second gay bar
It is the second gay bar at Stratumseind. There used to be the well-known Le Pécheur, now there is the Pallaz on the Stratumsedijk.

Grand opening
For the big opening on Friday, April 6, none other than Paul de Leeuw will sing. To make a festive weekend of it, Karin Bloemen will also perform on Saturday.

The bar also sails with a boat on the Amsterdam Canal Parade. A hundred people from Eindhoven can also join the Regenboogboot (Rainbowboat) on 4 August.

Source: Studio040

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