PVDA: broad support for flight tax

Dutch Labour Party (PVDA) claims there is broad support for the Dutch ‘vliegtaks‘, among travelers using Eindhoven Airport.  ‘Vliegtaks’ is a special, additional tax which air passengers will be charged for tickets.

Representatives of the PVDA visited Eindhoven Airport last weekend. There, travelers were asked what they would think of having to pay one Euro extra for their airline ticket. This tax would be deposited in a so-called ‘livability fund’.

According to the PVDA, of the 50 travelers interviewed, over ninety percent thought it was a good idea.

Last week, the municipal council agreed to implement such a flight tax and pay the extra money into a ‘quality of life’ fund. The money in this fund must be used to improve living conditions around Eindhoven Airport. This may result in for instance noise-insulation of houses.


Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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