Hurray! A baby elephant in the Dierenrijk (Animal Kingdom)

Hurray! A baby elephant in the Dierenrijk (Animal Kingdom)

An elephant was born for the first time in the Nuenen Dierenrijk.

A surprise, because the animal caretakers of the zoo had not expected the baby until four months later. Tuesday morning, they saw the elephant suddenly stand between the big elephants. The animal of mother Htoo Yin Aye is doing well.

Sex unknown

The caretakers have not yet been able to determine the sex of the little creature. “But we have seen that the calf is drinking. That is a good sign. The other elephants also respond well to the small one, “says Stephan Rijnen.

The mother already has two young that also live in Dierenrijk. Though they were not born there. The father of the little elephant is Sibu. He also lives in Dierenrijk. “Together they form a beautiful family,” says the zoo.

Source: Studio040

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