‘Brainport Industries Campus can only work in Eindhoven’

The enormous Brainport Industries Campus is taking shape nicely.

Construction in Strijp, near the A2 and Eindhoven Airport, are still in full swing en de A2. A building, the size of eight Philips Stadiums, is being erected. It will be similar to the nearby De Hurk or De Run business parks but under one roof.

High tech manufacturing industry
Manufacturing companies will occupy space in this giant new park. These include businesses that, for example, supply items to ASML and Philips. There will also be specialist companies that sometimes work in small-scale. “Here, thousands of products do not roll off the production on a daily basis”, explains Niels Langenhuizen of developers, SDK Vastgoed. This is precisely where the focus lies – small volumes of unique products.

“This is only possible in Eindhoven”, states Langenhuizen as he walks, smiling, over the construction site. “The knowledge is in Eindhoven, and the cooperative mentality is in Eindhoven. There is also a need for this kind of initiative in Eindhoven.This is the only way we can stay competitive with, for instance, Asia.”

No doubt about it; it is a unique concept. One space where companies can get all kinds of goods. Everyone uses each others storage space. It will be a public space, so ‘the ordinary citizen’ can go for a cup of coffee at the brasserie there. This campus must live – it must have an atmosphere; a feeling. Outside the park, employees can exercise, and inside the park, Summa students can become acquainted with their future employers.

These are the expectations for the Brainport Industries Campus. The first companies will move in after the summer, and Summa Techniek will begin offering classes. The campus is expected to be up-and-running in mid-2019.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Melinda

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