Eindhoven launches plan for natural gas-free heating and cooking

Eindhoven‘s municipality wants the city to become natural gas-free within the next thirty years.

This means natural gas should no longer be used to heat houses and cook meals. The municipality wants to achieve this with a specific action plan.

To begin with, all houses must be well insulated. By means of a favorable loan, home owners will be encouraged to have houses well insulated.

In addition, attempts will be made to generate more sustainable energy locally. Local residents must help each other save energy or generate renewable energy through associations. In addition, home owners can use a regional solar panel project. Residents living near Eindhoven Airport can purchase solar energy from a large solar park there.

Three Eindhoven neighbourhoods will soon look into long-term alternatives to natural gas. By talking with residents and users, possible solutions will be explored first.

Housing corporations in these neighbourhoods will also consult with residents to find solutions. Two of the three neighbourhoods are already known: Sintenbuurt and Generalenbuurt.

The municipality wants to find alternatives to natural gas, to reduce CO2 emissions and ultimately achieve climate targets. Fields of natural gas are also getting exhausted. Moreover, it was earlier agreed, the whole of the Netherlands will have completely stopped using natural gas by 2050 at the latest.


Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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