Final call for Carnival with paper telephone directories

A bitter blow for carnival associations: DTG prints the Dutch telephone directory for the last time this year.

The hefty directory was printed for the first time over 138 years ago. It consists of very thin pages. These are extremely useful for constructing all kinds of carnival floats.

Carnival association De Brassers, for example, admits to being extremely put out over the decision by publisher DTG to stop printing the Telefoongids.

‘We collected as many telephone directories as possible, but this will become practically impossible from next year. Other associations were also busy trying to collect directories,’ says one of the builders of the Carnaval Vereniging.

The pages are mainly used to finish the carnival floats. The paper is turned into papier-mâché, a special composite material, to cover all seams. ‘We can really create the finishing touch, using this paper’.

These are busy weeks for the associations, just before Carnival starts. Last year, Eindhoven’s Carnival Parade consisted of eighteen floats. Most of these floats are built in sheds in villages throughout the region.

Source: Studio 040

Translator: Kate

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