Meerhoven residents against Feelgood Park expansion

A number of Meerhoven residents have spoken out against an initiative to bring the Feelgood Market to their neighbourhood.

The FeelGood Market, a well-known event in Eindhoven, is being expanded to Meerhoven’s Park Meerland. As well as a market, it is also a catering facility offering organic and vegetarian food.

One of the unhappy residents, Marcel Wijers, said “FeelGood is known for fair trade and being environmentally conscious, but trees are cut down and breeding grounds are being destroyed. One of the concerns with the arrival of the cafe is the loss of animal species in the park”.

Residents are also afraid that weddings and other events that will drive sales for the market will affect the environment by way of noise pollution.

Priya van den Breukel is one of the initiators of the park. She says that “it is a restaurant serving lunch and dinner. Very occasionally we may organise a party or wedding, but that will not be often”.

Answering concerns for local wildlife species, van den Breuken said “there are indeed swallows in the park, but they are a distance away. We will only use a small part of the park”.

The initiators would like to create something that respects the surrounding population and nature and, with as small as possible a footprint. The eatery will therefore be constructed using sustainable materials.

Construction will begin in March, with the restaurant scheduled to open later in 2018.


Translated by: Bob

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  1. Well, I live in Meerhoven and I find it a very good initiative in order to make the neighborhood a bit more dynamic and attracting.


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