Daydream Festival moves to Aquabest

Daydream Festival moves to Aquabest

The dance festival Daydream Festival changes location from Lommel to Aquabest.

In Belgium, Daydream Festival has grown into a major and leading dance festival in recent years. In 2016, it attracted around 40,000 visitors in two days and had a lineup of absolute top DJs on more than fifteen stages. Currently the event has editions in Mexico, Spain and the Dominican Republic.

Geertje van Zoggel from organizer Par-T says that Daydream Festival on Aquabest holds on to the successful concept, but that the festival now only lasts one day instead of two. “If the time is right, we would like to expand to two days.” There is still a challenge, because camping is not yet possible around Aquabest. This is one of the reasons why Extrema Outdoor left the festival site in Best.

Par-T will be working together on Aquabest with First Vision, the organization behind Lakedance. “During Electric Orange on King’s Day, the collaboration always went well,” says Van Zoggel. She hopes that a part of the visitors from Belgium will move to Best, but Par-T realizes that 40,000 visitors are not realistic. “We are hoping for about 15,000 festival visitors.”

In recent years, Par-T has invested hundreds of thousands of euros in the festival site in Lommel. “We built a lake and planted trees, but still spent a lot of money every year for decoration.” Van Zoggel does not want to discredit the festival site in Lommel because Daydream experienced a significant growth there, but is honest about the choice for Aquabest: “With half of the decor, we create the same atmosphere as in Lommel and that also saves enormously in the production costs.”

At Daydream Festival, theme, experience and storytelling are very important. In addition to the main stage with EDM, there is also a stage for the hardstyle enthusiast. There is also room for music styles such as techno, disco, r&b, eclectic house and hip hop. The festival takes, as it were, the place of Extrema Outdoor on the festival calendar of Aquabest. Daydream Festival will take place on Saturday 14 July.

Source: Studio040

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