TNO expands to High Tech Campus

The research institute, TNO, has expanded to the Eindhoven High Tech Campus.

Two TNO departments are moving from the Eindhoven TU-campus to the smartest square kilometre in the Netherlands. About 100 employees will be employed in offices and laboratories.

The TNO employees will be accommodated in the Smart Industry Hub, a new building with offices, research rooms and industrial buildings under one roof. The property is intended for innovative companies, which apart from developing new products, also directly want to test prototypes.

TNO is already established on the High Tech Campus, in the Holst Centre and Solliance buildings. Holst Centre is a place where companies collaborate on new innovations such as rollable displays. Solliance develops new generations of solar cells.

TNO is one of the most renowned research institutions in the Netherlands. About 11 000 people are now working in more than 160 companies on the High Tech Campus.

Translated by: Bob

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