Vestdijk Eindhoven will have city beach with 40 cubic meters of sand

Vestdijk Eindhoven will have city beach with 40 cubic meters of sand

Eindhoven will soon have a special place in the city center. There will be a city beach on the Vestdijk in front of The Hub. Starting July 11th, the pop-up beach will be taken into service for two months as a summery place.

There will be a 40-meter long bench for guests to sit on. Around that, there will be tables with homemade chairs. The sand is still being delivered. There will be three lorries with a total of 40 cubic meters of sand. That’s enough to fill a large surface with ten to twelve centimeters high sand. “If there are children with a bucket and a shovel, then they can build sandcastles here,” laughs Gianni Jorissen from the organization.

“This fits into making the Vestdijk more lively, ” he continues. “We had this idea and only had to find a suitable place. That was still complicated, because where are you going to set up a beach for 2 months in Eindhoven? But together with the municipality and The Hub we finally chose this place.”

Gianni studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, but quit his education because he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Get experience with pop-up projects. “I think that’s the new world. Initiatives that are temporary and unique, I want to focus with my event and experience agency.”

Source: Studio040

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  1. What I miss is the water to go along with it… say it’s a beautiful (hot!) summer day, you’re sitting on the “beach”, getting very hot and sweaty. Normally at a beach you’d go cool off in the water, but not on the Vestdijk. This seems like a good idea but I can’t imagine baking myself without any means of cooling off afterwards.


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