Cash card payment only in Eindhoven buses starting December 1st

Cash card payment only in Eindhoven buses starting December 1st

Paying with cash will be removed from buses. From 1 December, passengers will only be able to pay with a cash card to buy a bus ticket. The ‘contact free’ and credit card payment method can be used in public bus services as well. But paying € 3.75 in cash for a single ticket will no longer be possible.

From October 1st, it will already be possible to pin (paying via cash card) in all buses in Brabant. Until the first of December, travelers are still able to pay with cash. A sort of transition phase, therefore. Hermes Eindhoven buses will be modified this summer and equipped with a pin machine. So far, there is no such device in any bus in Eindhoven.

Some Bravo buses in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Breda and Tilburg are already equipped with a pin machine. There have been tests driving buses without cash payment options. Those were successful. Most passengers prefer to use cash cards nowadays. In addition, it improves the safety of the drivers if they drive without physical money.

At the beginning of 2016 a number of Brabant buses were robbed. Then the transport companies sounded the alarm and the process was started. The province of North Brabant will be the first. In no other Dutch province has the cash payment option disappeared from the buses yet.

Source: Studio040

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  1. Pinning is only available in Europe and a few other countries. In USA/Mexico, for example, this doesn’t exist. How would these people pay if they don’t have those cards, then? =/


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