Bussemaker: TU/e student quota alarm premature.

Bussemaker: TU/e student quota alarm premature.

Outgoing Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker is not impressed by the strong TU/e lobby for additional millions that should prevent student quota. She said that Monday in Nieuwsuur. An additional 80 million euros would be needed.

TU/e sent an emergency letter to the government last week with the call for extra money. They cannot handle the influx of technical students without government money and threaten student quota for different studies. And that while the business sector desperately needs more technical staff.

According to Bussemaker, the lobby of the business sector and university is “premature.” “Eindhoven had no numerus fixus last year, nor this year. You must see it in proportion, ” she says.

“There were only 91 students in the country who could not do their preferred studies at the technical university of their first choice. Tens of thousands could. ” Bussemaker believes that students who are not in this group must be looking together with the university for another technical study closest to the study of their first choice.

The outgoing minister is positive about the fact that there are so many technical students. This means that the campaigns to make students enthusiastic for a technical study have helped.

Like the technical universities, she wants as few student quota as possible, but the universities themselves have also has a task. Namely, to maintain these students in the technology sector. “For now they often end up at a bank, for example.”

She sees the student quota as a precautionary measure. She is convinced that the University of Eindhoven can offer the familiar quality within two years.

According to her, there is a task for the subsequent government to keep in mind not only technical, but also general universities with technical studies and teacher educations to assess whether and how much additional money is needed.

Source: Studio040

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