Eindhoven fastest growing region of the country

The Eindhoven region is the fastest growing region this year, according to research by ING.

According to the bank, the growth for the Brainport is at 3.4 percent this year. After Eindhoven, Amsterdam follows with 3.2 percent. They predict a big plus for Brainport next year as well.

The growth of the Eindhoven region is a bit faster than average in the Netherlands. This is partly due to the high-tech and manufacturing industry in Southeast Brabant. ING mentions include the Dutch company VDL that provides many additional jobs and economic growth.

According to ING, there is a further recovery in many sectors. The construction sector is the fastest growing for the third consecutive year. Also in the hospitality sector, retail, business services and IT sector, companies are doing good business. Furthermore, employment market is picking up, and entrepreneurs in the hospitality and transport sectors have increasing difficulty to recruit staff.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril C

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