Brainport region Eindhoven growing rapidly

Brainport region Eindhoven growing rapidly

The Eindhoven Economic Region is growing rapidly. In 2016, of all city regions, Brainport grew fastest after Amsterdam, reflecting new figures from the CBS (Statistics Netherlands).

In 2015, the Brainport growth was already high with 3 percent. Last year, the growth was almost equally high with 2.8 percent. On average in the Netherlands, growth does not exceed 2.2 percent.

Earlier this month, ING already published that the Eindhoven region has the fastest growth of all regions in the country this year. According to the bank, among other things, this is caused by the high-tech and manufacturing industry in south-east Brabant.

ING mentions the Eindhoven company VDL, which provides a lot of additional employment and economic growth. Businesses are doing well in the hospitality sector, retail, business services and IT sectors as well.

Source: Studio040

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