Man from Eindhoven gets three years jail for robbery

Man from Eindhoven gets three years jail for robbery

A 24-year-old man from Eindhoven has to go to jail for three years for two armed robberies. That is what the judge determined yesterday.

In December, the man from Eindhoven committed two robberies at clothing stores in the city. At first he threatened staff with a Stanley knife and demanded money. At the second clothing store he did the same, but there he used a screwdriver instead of a knife.

A victim statement shows that the robbery was traumatic for the shop staff. According to the court, the man from Eindhoven did not take that into consideration. That was held heavily against him.

However, experts said that the man had a mental illness and a drug addiction. Therefore, during the suspended sentence, he must report to Novadic addiction clinic and register with GGZ.

The man from Eindhoven has to pay his victims a total compensation of almost a thousand euros.

Source: Studio040

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