Primark promises improved working conditions

Primark promises improved working conditions

Primark has promised improvements for its employees. In a survey conducted by the FNV – Federatie Nederlands Vakbewing (Dutch Federation of Trade Unions) – employees had a lot to say about this fashion store. The fashion chain store says it was shocked at the reactions and is going to improve things.

With 210, almost a fifth of the total, of the responses in the survey being from Primark employees, Eindhoven was easily at the top of the FNV’s investigation.

The trade union held the survey after continuous complaints about the Irish fashion giant.

Employees say they experience a lot of pressure at work as well as being constantly monitored by security cameras. They also find the leave application process to be difficult and even if they had a family crisis, managers are required to come to work anyway.

It also seems that there is pressure on workers who call in sick. There is also no employees council, which is required by law, at Primark.

Primark was told yesterday in talks with the FNV and PvdA’s  Tweede Kamer member, John Kerstens, to make improvements. An employees council must also be set up by September this year.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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