No drop in binge drinking in the region

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There is no decrease in the number of young people drinking until they black out. This according to pediatrician, Dr Bas Zegers of the Maxima Medical Centre. The number of binge drinkers for the recent carnaval were within the usual range, but there was certainly no decrease.

There was an unusually large number of people with broken bones brought to the regional hospital’s ER’s during the recent carnaval. Spokespeople spoke of a relatively calm carnaval, also with regard to the excessive use of alcohol.

The Maxima Medical Centre reported seven cases of alcohol poisoning, of which three people were under the age of 18. At the Anna Hospital there were four cases, of which one was under the legal limit. Catharina Hospital had the most cases. Here nine people were brought in with alcohol poisoning, but none of these were under the age of 18.

Althought the alcohol clinic at the Maxima Medical Centre does not have exact figures, Dr Zegers says the number of so-called binge drinkers has remained stable and has certainly not decreased.

Youngsters with alcohol poisoning are treated, councilled and given information at these outpatient clinics, which were started in 2009.

Source: studio040

Translator: Melinda

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